On August 5, 1997, Allen Organ Studios co-sponsored, with the Queens Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, a luxury bus trip to the Allen Organ International Sales Headquarters in Macungie, Pennsylvania. In response, the following gracious letter was sent to the president of Allen Organ Company by Ken Blue, AGO Dean of the Queens Chapter.

                                                    Dear Mr.Markowitz,

                                                    While an unbelievable two months has passed since our bus trip
                                                    to Macungie on November 11th, some very pleasant memories linger on. I
                                                    know that I speak for every person who was part of our trip in saying
                                                    studios in planning and coordinating this very successful event.

                                                    I cannot say enough about Tom Hazleton's skills as an organist and as
                                                    a representative of your company. He is truly remarkable. We are now
                                                    working with Claire and Bob to arrange a weekend event with Tom in
                                                    April at the church on the Hill in Flushing. There were a number of
                                                    our members (organists) who could not join us on November 11th that
                                                    will now have a chance to see Tom in our own backyard!

                                                    I have been committed as Dean of the Queens chapter this year in
                                                    attempting to overcome some of the negative bias that exists with some
                                                    organists toward so-called electronic organs. Admitting to some
                                                    unrealized prejudice of my own, I felt it only fair to update my own
                                                    knowledge, and to share todays technology with our members. We
                                                    probably have more Allen organs in Queens than pipe organs and while
                                                    not all Allen organs are new, neither are all of the pipe organs good
                                                    installations or in good repair.

                                                   We held a "mini" members recital at the church on the Hill in
                                                   December. I suspect it was the first members recital that was not played
                                                   on a pipe organ in our chapter's history. I hope that we are making
                                                   some progress in dealing with prejudice.

                                                   Thanks again for your hospitality on November 11th in Macungie and
                                                   share with Tom our sincere appreciation of his time with us.

                                                   Very truly yours,

                            KBlue-sig.gif (743 bytes)