Trinity Baptist Church
New York City
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 The distinctive Scandinavian architecture of Trinity Baptist Church, is unique. 
The pipe chambers, behind the pipe facade on either side of the altar, house  
 the richly doubled main organ, while high in the rear of the balcony resides    
 an antiphonal organ of the swell and the solo divisions. The columns in front  
hold the public address system speakers. John Hong, left, performs at the or-
gan console, from behind a modesty panel.                                               

The four-manual 70-stop Allen Renaissance organ at Trinity Baptist Church, 250 East 61st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, New York City, replaced a three-manual 26-rank pipe organ.  Organist Don Frazure states, "The organ is wonderful and we are pleased with its quality and construction.  The Allen organ and the wonderful acoustics of our sanctuary blend together to make this organ really 'sing'!  It is such a joy to have an instrument that can do it all and then some!"

The church, which is located a block north and half a block west of the Manhattan base of the tramway on the upper East Side, is a beautiful brick building featuring unique early 20th-century Scandinavian architecture. Says music director William Mak, about the organ, "I love it."

Organist Don Frazure, left, and John Hyunil Hong (right) were the organists for the dedication of the four-manual 70-stop organ at Trinity Baptist Church.

Bob Wyatt congratulates John Hong.


Claire Arnold, left, and Bob Wyatt congratulate John Hong after he and Don Frazure received a standing ovation for their fine performances at Trinity Baptist Church. John's program, which was played completely from memory, included the Fantasy and Fugue in G Minor ("The Great") of J. S. Bach, the Variations on America by Charles Ives, and a hymn improvisation.

"The four-manual 70-stop organ at Trinity Baptist Church is the most spiritual organ I have ever played. I would like to be able to play it every day," says John Hong.

                       IV-MANUAL/70-STOP SPECIFICATIONS

32 Contra Violone*
32 Contre Bourdon*
16 Diapason
16 Bourdon
16 Violone
16 Lieblichgedackt (Sw)
 8 Octave
 8 Gedacktfl?e
 4 Choralbass
 4 Flute
    Mixture IV
32 Contre Bombarde*
16 Bombarde
16 Waldhorn (Sw)
 8 Trumpet
 4 Clarion
 8 Great to Pedal*
 4 Great to Pedal
 8 Swell to Pedal*
 4 Swell to Pedal
 8 Choir to Pedal*
 8 Solo on Pedal*
 8 String on Pedal
    Bass Coupler

16 Strings VI
 8 Strings VI
 4 Strings VI
16 Vox Humana
 8 Vox Humana
    Gambas II Off
    Dulcets II Off

 8 Rohr Bourdon
 8 Viola Pomposa
 8 Viola Celeste - sharp
 8 Viola Celeste - flat
 8 Flute Celeste II
 4 Octave Geigen
 4 Traverse Flute
2 2/3 Nasard
 2 Piccolo
1 3/5 Tierce
    Fourniture IV
16 Waldhorn
 8 French Trumpet
 8 Oboe
 8 Vox Humana
 4 Clarion
16 Swell to Swell
   Swell Unison Off
 4 Swell to Swell
    Swell Second Voicing
 8 Solo on Swell*
 8 String on Swell
    Alternate Tuning

16 Double Diapason
8 1st Diapason
8 2nd Diapason
8 Harmonic Flute
8 Gamba
4 Octave
4 Flute
2 2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
Mixture IV
Cymbale III
16 Double Trumpet
8 Tromba
Gt-Pd Second Voices
16 Swell to Great
8 Swell to Great*
4 Swell to Great
8 Choir to Great*
8 Solo on Great*
8 String on Great
Gt-Pd to Antiphonal
Gt-Pd Main Off
So to Gt Melody Coupler

16 Erzehler
8 Holzgedackt
8 Erzehler
8 Erzehler Celeste
4 Prinzipal
4 Koppelflote
4 Erzehler Celeste II
2 Oktav
1 1/3 Quintflote
Zimbel III
16 Rankett
8 Krummhorn
Choir Percussion
16 Swell to Choir
8 Swell to Choir*
4 Swell to Choir
Unison Off
8 Solo on Choir*
8 String on Choir
Gt-Ch Manual Trans.
Choir to Antiphonal
Choir Main Off

8 Flauto Mirabilis
8 French Horn
8 Cor Anglais
8 Corno di Bassetto
16 Tuba Mirabilis
8 Tuba Mirabilis
4 Tuba Clarion

MIDI on Solo
MIDI on Swell
MIDI on Great
MIDI on Choir
MIDI on Pedal

All Swells to Swell*
Tremulants Full
Swell Main Off
Swell to Antiphonal

Second Voices
Sesquialtera II

Geigen Diapason
Voix Celeste
Erzehler CelesteII
Mixtur IV
Voix Humaine

Orchestral Harp

Kontra Posaune


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